Wind & Tidal

Involutions depth of knowledge and services provided to renewable sector can be traced back to the very start of the wind industry via Hicks. Our engineers have ten years of intense design experience working with Dr Frank Cunliffe on many tidal and wind projects which includes worked on tidal designs for MCT (Siemens) , TGL (Alstom) and Atlantis as well as leading wind turbine projects at 1.5MW, 2MW, 2.5MW 3MW, 3.6MW, 5MW and 7MW.

Involution team members have worked extensively across Europe and Asia, for customers such as  HYUNDAI, XJ China, Inox, India SEWIND (Shanghai Electric), DOOSAN Korea, Samsung, and Dongfang and have introduced the production of flexible pin gearboxes to six factories around the world. Involution are well experienced in the challenges faced in building gearboxes around the world

Our team is well set up to efficiently deliver reliable designs within challenging lead times through to GL certification, typically a new drive train can take 12/18 months to design and manufacture.

Whatever the drivetrain challenge Involution has the expertise and experience to support the customer with their every need.

Involution have an enviable grasp of the technology involved in all aspects of flexible pin gearbox design and overall drivetrain integration including the generator  and the turbine main bearing selection. These skills lead our team to offer our advanced Hybrid InvoDrive system in 2MW, 3MW, 5MW , 7MW and 12 MW wind turbine designs. Currently, we are designing an advanced Hybrid drivetrain for one of the worlds leading tidal applications.

The InvoDrive offers

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